Why Choose Us?

We back all our turbocharges and some other parts with a

12 Month Warranty and an exclusive No Drama – Return Policy’ for returns under certain conditions.

When we sell turbos dedication to providing the correct parts for the best price and with the best warranty and return terms available.

Customer Service

We make parts affordable by selling direct and online – no costly middlemen or expensive sales commissions or infrastructure. But we are still able to offer advice and guidance on your purchases and help you get the correct part for the correct application via phone, email or chat.

Turbo Repair With 12 Month Warranty

We offer an unparalleled 12 Month Warranty on our turbos and Injectors.

No Drama –Return Policy

We offer an exclusive benefit to our customers for our turbocharger products that is unmatched by any parts seller. Our ‘No Drama –  Return Policy’ program protects you from additional costs should there be a problem with a turbo you have purchased.

For any further enquiries we can be contacted on 087 4213231 .

turbocharger sales & Repair  Summerhill Meath 

Reconditioned Turbos in stock ready to ship

Turbo Repair Specialists in all automotive  Industries 

Includes  All Tractor Car Van And Truck Turbos